The design world is out of balance. Every year hundreds of new designers come onto the scene. But the market can't obsorb them, because not enough new companies are started each year to give them work. On the contrary, they keep closing down. Even the good ones. That's the case with Oken, which was a pioneering specialist in public seating. Its disappearance was bad news for everybody. But life goes on, and out of the ashes a new company has now been born. Good news in the midst of so much bad news. That's the thing about design: anyone who tries it will come back for more. Antonio, Marc and Paco had spent most of their professional lives in the business founded by Joan Tó. The financial crisis that started in 2007 has now turned them into young entrepreneurs. The company they have started is called Exit, with all the double meanings the word might have according to which language you say it in, and their intention is to go on doing the thing they know how to do best: market seating for places where people have to wait. In order to produce it they have chosen to act as "editors", a very Catalan way of doing things that consists of not having a factory of your own, but finding the most suitable supplier for each product. The designers and advisors are also external. That's how Exit Seating Barcelona is presenting itself in society; it's a new brand, but one that comes with the guarantee of experience, managed by a team who between them have more than twenty years of experience in the business.

Exit Seating Barcelona designs, manufactures, and markets seating for public spaces, restaurant trades, waiting rooms, transit areas and terminals. It is formed by an over twenty years’ team experienced in the contract seating for public spaces.
Exit Seating Barcelona looks for the best supplier for each project, to produce its own designs and optimizes the quality / price ratio. It prioritizes the industrial management and the quality control of each step in the manufacturing process.
As a result, it obtains prominent products due to their ergonomic design, balance, comfort, without forgetting important aspects like aesthetics, functionality, durability and ease of maintenance.
Exit Seating Barcelona offers to customers the possibility of personalised designs to contract: chairs, tables, stools, sofas, benches… Exit Seating Barcelona looks to achieve global integration of furniture in each project.

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