GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE Exit Seating Barcelona, SL , .

Exit Seating Barcelona , SL (hereinafter Exit Seating ) domiciled at C / Pagesia 22-24 Rubí ( Barcelona) , phone +34 93 586 May 97 , e- mail: NIF B65369274 and makes available on its website www . its general conditions of sale.

Exit Seating Barcelona determines trading arrangements with its customers based on a Terms and Conditions that obey the following 11 points :

All orders must be made ​​in writing via mail, fax or e- mail , and deemed accepted only when Exit Seating Barcelona, ​​extend an " Order Confirmation " to be transferred to them by fax or e- mail . Order made ​​by any other means will not be accepted unless it is confirmed in writing. The descriptions and part numbers which appear on the " Order Confirmation " shape the final Order. He spent a period of 2 working days from this notification , no change or cancellation is not allowed , provided that the Buyer agrees components within these Terms of Sale. For special manufacturing products , we reserve the right to supply the goods with a variation of plus or minus 10% in the number of units in any case by giving the order completed . The 1st operation on any of our customers will be in advance . Such payment may be varied by Exit Seating written confirmation thereof.

All changes that may arise as a result of modifications to orders , be paid by the Purchaser and will result in a delay in the delivery of the Order.
In the event that for reasons or internal circumstances the Purchaser will decide exhaustively studied and Cancel an Order or Special Order manufacturing costs not recoverable by Exit Seating Barcelona that are invoiced to Buyer shall be calculated . Orders are not deemed to be modified or canceled , partially or wholly, without express written from Barcelona Exit Seating release.

Prices are considered for placing goods on arrival and are PVP so that is not including the I.V.A. Prices may be subject to changes / updates without notice. The prices provided to an Order shall not apply in successive orders required , nor entitle change from previous budgets. On orders that do not reach the minimum amount established ( less than container units or order value 600 € amount ) the amount of € 60 will be charged.

4 - Submission
The goods travel at Portes Paid to the home buyer in the peninsula (except Canary and Balearic Islands ) , unless agreed otherwise . Exit Seating Barcelona, ​​reserves the right to select the Carrier in each case. If the customer requires a specific transport , merchandise means putting Franco Factory, with all costs and risks borne by the customer , you will get a discount of 3 % by Exit Seating Barcelona.

THE deadline indicated in the " Order Confirmation " is only indicative , and in any case will be referred upon delivery to the carrier. The Recipient shall verify the goods , number of packages and the condition of the packaging upon receipt and notify all incidents to the carrier as ultimately responsible for the injury or damage , which shall in no case be attributed to the Seller. Deliveries are not including the cost of installation , if necessary. Non-delivery by absence of the recipient , address incorrect or incomplete address, the rejection of the goods or other outside circumstances Exit Seating Barcelona will be the responsibility of the Buyer.

The products are delivered to the packing unit designated as fee. For that special packaging needed, these would be billed to the Buyer at cost .

The Payment Terms will be fixed in the " Order Confirmation " and unless otherwise agreed between Exit Seating Barcelona, ​​and Buyer , payment is due 30 days from invoice date , domiciled in bank account to be provided by the Purchaser. Any delay in payment authorizes Exit Seating Barcelona to demand payment of statutory interest on the delay as well as any additional costs caused by the delay. Also authorizes Exit Seating Barcelona paralyze all current orders to regularize the outstanding debt . Exit Seating Barcelona reserves the right to dominion over the goods delivered until the Buyer has made the payments and has made the payment of the invoice amount .

The damage apparently caused by transport shall be reported properly , so the buyer is obliged to check the status of the goods received as described in point 4 DELIVERIES . The deadline for the formulation of incidents on the reception status of the products and claims regarding damage , lack of transported goods or delivery receipts , are laid down by the Code of Commerce and Transport Management Act ( LOTT ) in Spain to 24 hours of receiving the goods.

Any claim must be confirmed in writing within 5 calendar days after delivery , after this period Exit Seating Barcelona disclaims any responsibility. Failure to comply with these obligations exempt Exit Seating Barcelona from all liability. Claims for defects do not justify the withholding of payments due or any rebate of the purchase price . After filing the complaint, the product and packaging must be retained for inspection if the Seller was necessary. If Buyer fails to submit the claim within the period specified , constitutes acceptance of the product and the express waiver of any claims relating to error, damage or defect . All claims must indicate the article number listed on each package, the order number and invoice.

Returns unless they have been expressly agreed by Seller and Buyer and duly approved in writing by the Seller shall be rejected. The Buyer shall inspect the goods upon receipt and notify Seller of any damage or defect . If caught by the purchaser some sort of defect or error handling , it shall, directly or Exit Seating Barcelona 's Representative for immediate verification. Exit Seating Barcelona will not pay for any merchandise returned by the Buyer that has not been previously authorized and documented with a " pickup order " the usual carrier. Special products and / or those that include materials Buyer may not be returned.
Variations in color or shade : Natural variations in wood, leather or similar natural materials will not be considered damaged , there may be slight differences in tone between the different elements of the product. In addition , if the products are purchased at different times , time and weather conditions may cause variations in color and / or hue. Exit Seating Barcelona will not accept any complaints on this and any item may be returned for this reason.

Our products are subject to careful quality control before shipment and are guaranteed in normal use , or correct installation , against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of invoice. Responsibility for Barcelona Exit Seating is limited to the replacement of defective parts , repair, or payment of price, but in no case Exit Seating Barcelona is responsible for damages for failing to have taken place directly or indirectly .
The original client is the sole beneficiary of this limited warranty shall not apply in the following cases :

Damage caused by third parties, transport, handling , storage, etc. .

Damage caused by misuse , neglect , vandalism, changes or modifications made ​​by the user .

Special materials supplied by the Purchaser or third parties and used in the manufacture of products.

Inappropriate use according to the technical specifications (based catalog or price) .

Extreme changes in temperature or exposure to exceptional conditions .

Seller does not warrant discolorations , natural wear merchandise. color reproducibility , veined or hardness of the surface of such materials.

These Terms and Conditions may only be modified if Barcelona Exit Seating provides written authorization for each case .

The costs arising from legal and / or court as a result of failure to pay agreed , must be in charge of the same . For any discrepancies that may exist , the parties waive any other jurisdiction and jurisdiction in disputes be submitted to the courts of Barcelona.

Exit Seating Barcelona reserves the right to cancel or modify any product in its catalog without notice.